how to prevent double orders

hai, can anyone tell me if it is normal in 3.60 that an new order can be taken away by an other user or even be taken over and changed even los of the original (my) original has happened I think it would be normal that a number in use is blocked for other users to change or when you input orders with several persons every person gets a new order number. can you help me Cor van Houtum

It’s not perfect, but have you tried archiving your order, so that if it does get accidentally changed you can get back to the original. From sales order, functions, archive document… Alternatively, depending on how you are structured, it may be possible to use responsibility centres or record level security so that users only see their own work.

Hi this is a common happening on new systems and is just a matter of User training. what happens is User1 creates a document and is assigned a number. User2 moves to the last record to insert instead of pressing F3, thinking the order belongs to user2 the other details are entered, then commited or deleted on the database. When User1 tries to save the record the error happens. Solutions 1. Train the Users to press F3 and not move next pass the last record EOF 2. Add field “Created by User” editable false, filled on Insert, then monitor which users are using the wrong documents 3. Add code to stop the user moving past BOF or EOF Untested code, but at form level on next record trigger IF NEXT = 0 THEN ERROR(‘Message to user’); Dont stop the users from updating other users orders as User1 may be off sick and User2 needs to update the document.

Or give each user their own number series: SBW0001 VHS0001 DC00001 AS00001 Depends on the balance between control and training you wish to achieve.

I did an OnValidate check on the External Doc No. field for uniqueness. (ie you can’t enter the same po for a customer).-john

Maybe a silly question. But are Your users new to Navision? If so I would give it some time first. This is normally no problem for the users. //Lars

I could not understand how it happened atfirst but thanks to you i know now it is the F3 function wat is not used by my college’s thank you for the tip cor van houtum