How to personalize the RTC navigation Pane?? and copy that to several users in the same group??


Please can you help , how do you customize the navigation pane for a user then copy that to other users in the same group??

I need to make sure that the RTC and the menus and sub menus are linked and can be copied to other users??

Ex: I have several users in the Sales area that needs to have several menus such as: Sales orders; Customers; Sales return orders… I need to copy same menus to other users and dont want to create

Thanks for help

You don’t have to copy or anything, here you want to create profile such as Sales Area. For this Sales Area profile assign a Role Center to it and this Role Center would have all necessary navigation features that you want to create. After this done , assign Sales Area profile to all the users you want to assign. So you create once and assign to different users.