how to pause the data in jobs

static void sendMsgToOnlineUsers(Args _args)
Eventinbox msgbox;
EventinboxId msgboxId;
SysClientSessions clientsessions1;

while select clientsessions1 where clientsessions1.Status == sessionstate::Running
msgboxId = Eventinbox::nextEventId();
msgbox.ShowPopup = NoYes::Yes;
msgbox.Subject = “Message d’alerte”;
msgbox.Message = “Message de test de l’application AX2009”;
msgbox.SendEmail = false;
msgbox.UserId = clientsessions1.userId;
msgbox.InboxId = msgboxId;
msgbox.AlertCreatedDateTime = DateTimeUtil::getSystemDateTime();

no errors but i want infolg

Count count1; //declaring a count variable

while… // increment the Count in loop


//your code…



info(strfmt(’%1’,count1)); // getting the info

it may be helps you…:slight_smile:


Not sure what do you mean by that. Please make sure your queries will make sense to others [:)]