How To Pass Variables From one form to Other

Hi, All Well I have a Problem… My problem is like this. Suppose you open Service Items Under Service Management.Then a card type form comes that displays inforamtion about a Particular Item. Now when you click Service Item Menu. I have added a menu item in this menu named “My Comments”.When i click on “my Comments” then i run a other form object.Now i want the Item no from the previous card type form on this new form. Can any one please help me out.

Naushad, this has almost certainly been addressed before in the forum - there is a Search item under UserForum - but I feel like answering this one. (Search can take some time even when I know what you’re looking for, but I have learnt things that way that are useful later on). Suppose the form you are calling is Form 1000. In Form 1000 create a variable CardItemNo, and a function SetCardItemNo that sets this variable. Put code in Form 1000’s OnInit trigger that retrieves this item. In the Service Item Menu create a variable of type Form 1000, and in your “My Comments” menu item, put code like this (the sytax may be a bit rough): CLEAR(VarForm1000); VarForm1000.SetCardItemNo(MyItem); VarForm1000.RUN; Alastair

You mean you added a “Menu Item” on “Menu button” on “Service Item” card form. Try setting properties on your “Menu Item” instead of coding: RunFormLink, RunFormLinkType

thanks obi, and alastair for the reply…let me check this then i will tell you,this is working or not…

hi Alastair. Thanks for the solution… it is working… fine.