How to pass Parameter between two classes

Hi All,

I want to pass parameter from class SalestableListpageInteraction to SalestableType.

If you have a SalesTableType instance, just call its methods and pass data as method parameters.

If you need something else, please provide proper level of details.

Hi ,

I want to use SalesTableListPage form for both sales order and customer order.

I have created another menu item when the same form is used as customer order form say ‘abcMenuItem’.

I have added a enum field with noyes and my requirement is that when SalesTableListPage is called from abcMenuItem,

the new field get a checked value.

You still didn’t ask any question, so I’m not sure what’s the problem. I suppose you don’t know how to read values from menu items in interaction classes.

You can get PageArgs instance (which is similar to usual Args) in the interaction class by calling Then use enumTypeParameter() and enumParmater() the read values.

I strongly recommend not to use NoYes enum - create your own enum describing your scenario. You’ll get more readable code and eliminate any risk of potential conflict with somebody else using NoYes for some other purpose.