How to Override standard class errors

Hello, I would likely to know if we can override throw errors from standard/sys classes, as this is our requirement to continue the process even there’s an error occuring.

It seems that it’s about D365FO and therefore you can’t use overlayering.
You can’t change the standard code, but you can catch the error and continue. Or you can manipulate the data to always pass the conditions.

Hi Martin,

Thank you for your response, may I ask if there is other way than to use continue?, kindly see my screenshot.


The continue keyword has a different purpose. It’s used in loops (while, for) to skip the rest of the body and to take the next element. It’s not related to your scenario.
If you keep the catch block empty (or call just exceptionTextFallThrough()), the exception will be handled and execution will continue after the catch block. Note that it doesn’t remove the message from infolog - that’s a separate thing.

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