how to over come 250 chars limit in text box

how to incorporate the memo text field feature in navision attain. Navision does not allow more than 250 chars. Providing multiple textboxes with autoenter = true & setting the next control id does not solve the problem. Even comments feature does not allow an uninterrupted text entry, as it stops typing after 250 chars, & once filled up fully, it is very difficult to append… [?] …stucked Gaurav Raj

Take a look at

Thankx The ocx at provided me the solution.

I’ve gotten a Textbox to accept more than 250 characters in Attain. It’s the Table field that holds the restriction on the 250 size. What I did to overcome this is used a Text variable, assigned it as the SourceExpression of the Textbox, and made it 1000 characters. I perform an OnValidate for the Textbox control and I take whatever is in the 1000 character variable and dice it into four 250 character chunks, placing one chunk in each of the four fields. Obviously, this is limited to 1000 characters, but this was quite acceptable for that client. I’ve seen the OCX from and thought it would be too cumbersome to incorporate into my project for that client, but it is a good solution too!

You may want to pay attention to the trailing space that may occur when you divide a text string. If memory serves me right, there has been an issue (with the SQL Option, I think) where trailing spaces have been truncated automatically when stored on the server. That would change the concatenated string, of course. I didn’t test it though… - Jens