How to organize a form

I am using 4.0 SP1 and need to organize Form 5793-Source Documents with a permanent sort key on Source No. Currently, the sort key is on Shipment Date. How do I change the key to Source No. on a permanent basis? Thx…

If you have Form Designer you can use F2 to design the form. Look at the form property SourceTableView where you can assign the key you want to form to open with.

Thank you very much for the quick turnarond on my question! Looked it up right away and everything works fine. Sorry I could not respond until now, but for some reason, when I tried to respond over the weekend, my reply did not work.

Thank you for the feedback! It’s always nice to hear that something you suggested works. [8D] And it’s educational if the feedback is that your suggestion doesn’t work!