How to open the Jobqueue report as a PDF?

I have created the Nas and Jobqueue.I also downloaded the BullZip pdf software.But, I don’t know exactly where I put the code(the report itself or Code Unit) for the Jobqueue report to Pdf conversion.Guide me please,

Thanks in advance.

Hi Priggy,
Which job queue report do you talk about? And which version of Navision is this about?

Bullzip is not needed if you use a role tailored version.

I am using nav 2009 classic client.

Yes the classic reports does not support SAVEASPDF.
Bullzip is “just” a printer driver, so you need to make NAV select the correct driver, before it prints the report and then change it back after it has exported it. You can find the “how-to-PDF” asked many times, just use search.

But still not sure what job queue report you talk about and exactly what your requirement is.

Hi Erik,

I have wrongly entered as a Jobqueue Report.Sorry for that.
Actually the task is,I have to run any report through codeunit then that exact report has to save as a pdf in any drive(path).
For that,the report has to save automatically in the drive with particular time intervals. that’s why i am using Jobqueue.

Then you would need to program it into this codeunit, but without the functionality from the example that creates a mail and send the pdf.

Thanks Erik…