How to Open a XML file?

I want to open a XML file, but the file is in other server.

How can open the XML file??

Note: I have a rute, example:

I wanna open this file


So what’s the problem? In accessing files on remote servers? Or in opening them? But what you mean by opening? Do you want to copy text content of the file? Or to manipulate XML through DOM? Or something else?

Normally you would access the file by creating a new instance of the XMLDocument class:

document = XmlDocument::newFile(‘Filename’);

with the ‘filemame’ being replaced by the file path. You can then read/write to the XML using the frame work classes such as XMLNodeListIterator.

There are plenty of examples out there in blogs and the like. Here is one I wrote:

Have you tried these methods, is there a larger problem such as access?