How to move the current record from one table to another table

How to move a current from a form to another form while clicking the menu item button?

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Can you be more clear on your requirement…may be with an example…

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You should check RunObject property of the button or the FORM.RUN /RUnModal statements in C/SIDE.


I have created a menuitembutton(shortlist) in HR form. Select a record and click that menuitembutton. While clicking that button, the fields in the current record should move to the new form. Meanwhile, the staus field in the HRform should changed to Shortlisted. I can change the option to shorlisted but how to move that record to new form…

you want to insert the curr rec to new form table…

you need to code like


Newtable.FieldA := Rec.FieldA;

Newtable.FieldB := Rec.FieldB;


Thanks for your fast response. I didn get Rec.FieldA. For example , i am having Candidate Name, Jobid, Status AppliedDate … in HRMappl form. There are 20 records and if i select 10th record from that form and click the menu item button, the Candidate Name, jobid…of the 10th record should move to new form called Shorlisted form and should update in new table named Shortlisted table. Is that we need a select query to get the current record? If yes then what is the query i need to write and whether i have to write these coding in clicked method of the menuitem button or the init method of Shorlist form…Plz help…

I recommend you to first read basic nav documents…

If you do not know what “rec” is, then yes, you should read or re-read the NAV Development documentation. Another base function that might help you is TRANSFERFIELDS.

If you have matching fieldNo’s in both tables [:)]

I have created the fields as same as in the Parent Table. I guess, i can filter according to the required condition and display that in new table. I havent give any relation there. I was going through MorphX_IT document… I am very new to this field…All of your help is very appreciated…Thanks in advance

Morph X is a Microsoft Dynamics AX feature. This is a Microsoft Dynamics NAV forum. Which product are you using?

I am using Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2009…

[:(] then you have wrongly posted on Microsoft Dynamics NAV forum


Yeah … I posted wrong at that time… Anyways, i like to thank you Max , Mohana and all of them in this loop for the help you did in the initial stage of my career … :slight_smile: