How to move a imported txt file from one folder to the other fold after running dataport.

Now I am developing a dataport to import some general journal lines. In order to make sure that some text file is imported only once, I want to make the following function happened:
Once dataport import is done, the dataport will automatically move the text file from the current folder to another folder. But I am not sure of the command. SHELL command… or something else… and how to write the source code?

Would you guys give some hints? Thanks in advance.

Hi cngillie,

I’ve done this by creating a processing only report, that calls the dataport, and then afterwards renames the file.


Don’t know if this is the optimal way, but it worked for me.


I think this is the best way. The major problem otherwise, is that the DataPort locks the file, an having the DataPort directly rename the file most often does not work.

thanks very much!