How to modify the item's precision of unit

Hello everyone,

Background: The purchaser asked me to modify the item’s precision of unit. Because when he placed the order, the AX 2012 system prompt the unit minimum value is 1.00 ㎡, but he want to input 0.30 ㎡.

Question: I review the Released product details form, but I don’t find how to modify the precision. Could you share with me about this setup?



Assuming decimal precision is the cause, you can set the precision of the Item’s Unit of Measure at Org. Admin → Setup → Units → Units.

But it appears the default for m2 is already 2 decimal places.

You could also review (from the Released products form) the Default order settings and Site specific order settings. On the ‘Purchase order’ tab, ‘Multiple’ and ‘Min. order quantity’ could have some influence on the functionality you describe.