How to modify an existing report

I’m new to NAV 5.0, but was wondering how can I modify an existing default NAV report? I thought if I went into Report Designer (Tools/Object Designer/Reports) that I could modify an existing report here, but NAV just runs the reports from there that I select. I don’t see any option to modify a report. I want to add an additional field, add a line, change font, change a report column title. How do I do this?

That is true, you can modify the report from Tools>> Object Designer>> Report and then select your report and press Design butto at botton.

Open your report in design mode and then view >>sections and here you can do your changes.

Cool. i will try it. Also, do the changes I make update so that all users running the report will automatically see my modifications or do I have do something like grant them security to my modified version of the ar aging?

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Thanks Marq. I checked out the link and looks like a pretty big book of information. i just wonder if its more geared for somebody looking to modify NAV with custom code as opposed to me who is just looking to modify the canned reports by doing some basic stuff like adding data fields, lines, fonts etc… However, I do need a clear understanding of how the reports vs. modified report versions work with security and how to revert back to a canned report from its modified version. So hopefully this book can enlighten me in that arena. THANKS!!!

once you have modified your reports, all users with permission access will be able to view your modified reports automatically. they just have to relogin to enjoy the updated report ;o)

Best thing to do is Export the report before doing anything to the original one.