how to Merge two different Label ID files into one Label ID file ?

Hi Pioneers,

I’m using ax 2012, I have two label files for Example USP and KFC. My requirement is i want to move the USP label files to KFC label. How to achieve this ? If details are not clear pls mention it.

Reading labels and copying them to another label can be easily done by a simple script (using SysLabel class). Replacing all references in code and properties may be more difficult, especially if you use labels in reports and such places.

How many labels do you have in USP label file?

approximately 100 labels

As I think about it, I believe that the best way may be exporting code with labels to .xpo and import them back. In the import dialog, you can configure which labels should be crated and in which label file.

I use it only rarely and it seems to me that updates of label IDs in code don’t happen correctly every time, but it’s still worth trying.