How to mark two checks as payment against one invoice

I have a customer who we sent an invoice to for $3550.00. They sent one check for $3500 and another for $50.

How can I create two lines in one payment journal that will both mark against the one invoice? The request is two separate lines in one payment journal.

What I tried doing is creating a payment journal, then entering one line for credit of $3500 and another line for $50. If I go to Functions>Settlement, then choose the $3550.00 line, but change it to 3500. Then when I go to the second line and try to mark it for settlement, it shows it as blocked.

Any idea what the correct procedure would be?

Hi Alex,

in the settlement window there is a function (button) transaction reorganizing.

Split the invoice of 3550 into 2 lines - one with 3500 and one with 50 - and match the two lines to your two checks.

This should work for you.



I think this is close to what we need. What if we want two separate lines in the journal. The example I gave may not be exactly what we’re doing…here is our exact scenario:

A customer orders a widget online for $20. Shipping is $5 flat. It is shipped to Indiana, and tax is calculated online at the state level only of 7%. Order total is $26.40. So the sales order is imported into our system. One widget at $20 is on a line, then a misc freight charge of $5 is added. Tax, however is automatically calculated using a more sophisticated system that calculates down to the county level…so tax ends up being 7.081%. Order total of $26.56.

This leaves a difference of 0.16. I am trying to automate the reconciliation of the tax difference by automatically creating a payment journal, adding one line as a credit that they pay, then an additional line as the credit to the remaining tax difference. We would just foot the bill for the additional tax difference.

This is the reason I want two payment lines in the payment journal. Do you see a better way to do this?

Also, for the transaction reorganizing…it won’t let me reorganize one transaction into two on the same date. I have to make one a different date, then I can change them to the same date…very strange.

Hi Alex,

You can use open transaction editing in this case to settle the invoice and payment.

You can post two vouchers for $3500 and $50 without using settlement at the journal line.

After the vouchers has been posted, on the Customer card, open the Open Transaction Editing.

There you can update the transaction by selecting invoice and payment so that they will be closed.