How to make financial dimensions null in AX?

Hi, I have created financial dimensions for one account structure as Main account + Business Unit + Expense Purpose

Is there a way to allow null for expense purpose dimension in AX 2012? Could someone point me how to do that?

much appreciate it.

Many thanks


Null value is possible for a dimension. All you need to do is in the COA config, click on the filter. Another form will open where we define dimension values. There is a option of selecting Allow blank. Check that. Activate the COA config. Your purpose will be solved.


Hello Pranav I am using AX 2012 and I don’t see filter in the Configure Chart of Accounts form or COA form. But I see 'Advanced Rule", Account alias etec., Could you please tell me where it is

Thanks Pranav, I found it

Hi Pranav ,

Can you guide me the path to post the Null Value for a dimension in AX 2012 ? ( I could not find )

Thanks in Advance.

Any inputs ?

  1. Open COA config form.

  2. Select the required configuration which contains the ledger for which null values has to be enabled and click on Edit.

  3. On the config form, we define main account and dimension combination For example we can have main account and active dimensions as Department and Purpose.

  4. Not its required that Department dimension can be null. There is a filter icon on dimensions. Click on that.

  5. Another form will open where we specify dimension values. There is a check box for allow null.

  6. Place check mark on allow null. Close the form and re-activate configuration.

  7. System will now accept blank department for the account in the config.

Hope this helps…


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