How to make clickable Product name in Inventory managment > On Hand?

Dear all,

I’m a new starter in Dynamics AX 2012. If I’m asking a question not right, sorry.

Inventory management > On Hand > Product name

On the screenshot you can see marked fields green and red.

In “Item number” and “Search name” I can click and sort by name A-Z > Z-A.

But “Product name” (marked in red) is not clickable. I’d like to sort by name like in Item number.

Please, give me an idea how to solve this issue.

With respect Nurillo.

You can’t do that as it’s display method.
If you want to do sort…then you need to find how the data is coming in the display method “Product name” & add the respective data source to the from with a proper linking.

I found the solution how to Add Filter/Sort to AX 2012 Address Selection form.
It’s shown an easy way how to do it for beginners.
Just shared if anybody needs it.