How to make an add on to Dynamics Nav

Hello everybody , il’s my first time that i post here.

i’m newbie to dynamics Nav and i need to add an add-on to Dynamics, there’s some body to show me how we can do it ? or any goog documentation



PS: i dont speak english very well but my understanding is well

In order to develop add-on solutions a signed ISV Developer Registration Agreement and corresponding Add-on Addendum is required followed by a registration of the add-on module and objects. The ISV Developer Registration Agreement will be made available via MSDN later this year and requires a Premium subscription to access. The Add-on Addendum will be made available as well. Add-on products can be industry-specific products, business process functionality or products that in some way supplement the functionality offered in Microsoft Dynamics Entrepreneur.

For more information and documentation please go to:

There are also requirements ncluding committment to re-engineer the code within time frames of major relaeases, help documentation etc.

Hi Jounes,

First welcome to the user group.

Second I need to understand what exactly it is that you’re trying to do.

In the world of Navision then an add-on is a “standard” module created by an ISV (independent software vendor). Add-ons are usually divided into either horizontal or vertical solution, depending on which type of “problem” the add-on is solving in Navision.

Typical add-ons are directed to specific industries (examples: retail, property or facility services etc.) or toward specific problems (examples: banking integration, document management, collection management etc.).

Reading your question, then I’m not quite sure if this is exactly what you’re looking for. If you are going create some specific changes to a customer (or your employer) then we do not call it an add-on, then it’s just called customizations.

Adam is right. Microsoft have a program specifically for companies developing Navision add-ons. But if you work for a partner, then it’s not required that you use this program, as it can be quite expensive to live up to (in terms of deadlines for new versions etc). My guess is that only 1 of 10 add-ons existing to Navision is under this program.

Let’s know exactly what it is you’re trying to do. Maybe such an add-on already exists.

Hi Erik and Adam

First i thank you very mutch for your answers. as i said i’m new in Navision, so maybe my question show you that,

so let’s flick this question. My real need is that i want learn Dynamics Nav functionality and developping.

can you give me some links for beginners i will be very pleased

i need documentation, a rea

thank you

how can i do if i want get certified on Navision?

Hi Younes

Do you work for a partner? If you do they will have access to Partnersource, here there are training sections and all of the Microsoft e-learning, manuals etc. You really need access to this. I would also recommend you go on one of the accredited NAV training courses, by doing this you also get the material as a hard copy, each region has different solutions, but if you go to Microsoft they can tell you what to do.

Failing all of that try this as a starting point:

Or look at some of the published material:

thank you again for your reply and for a time and support you gived me. i’m .net developer and i’m very interested in Nav because i work on project (integration an application made in with Nav ) . i have to finish the application and now i’m discovering this product that i find it very cool but not easy to understand.

i must hard work on it for a few months because i’m preparing to get certified, but for now i’m very far

best regards


Attend the training courses, read the manuals, self learn, book the exams and pass them.

Hi Younès,

Since you live in Paris, check out Avolys (I’m not affiliated with them) for your formal training :