How to make a sales promotion in sales transaction?

Hi Folks,

I want to ask question about posting group setup when I make sales promotion like 3+1(free).

Hi Chris,
Dynamics NAV (which version do you have) doesn’t have this type of promotion as a standard feature.
But I know of several (ISV) partners who have an “Promotion” add-on with this function.

Yes Erik, and THX so much for your quick response, some Solutions based on NAV like Drink-it for beverage industrial have such kind of function. But I found we don’ t have this funtion in standard NAV 2016. It seems we cannot fulfill this requirment without customization.


You could create a new Item and put in the Assembly BOM 4 of the other item and give it the name 3+1.

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Hi Chris,

Yes, no standard way to do it. The way Thomas suggest, could be used, but still would require customizations, unless you don’t care that the “free” item has a different item no. The tricky part here (I had the same requirement once) is often to get NAV to calculate the correct cost price etc. regarding the free item.

You would be much better off with a ready to use add-on. I just did a quick search, and there are many. One of them could be:

(PS: I have personally not tried or seen this add-on, so please don’t see this as my recommendation, it just has the features you asked for - and more).