How to make a dropdown in the page using C/AL

Hi all,

I am a new comer of nav 2009, I just got a problem. Hope somebody else can help me. Thanks in advance.

I found the field group is very useful in rtc , I can set it using View–>Field Groups

It works well when I set the table relation in another table which related to this table with field groups setting.

But when I wrote C/AL code (Page.Runmodal) on some fields to open the list page which based on the table with fields groups setting. I found the dropdown not avaliable any more. Any suggestions? thanks very much.

If you write any code in the OnLookup or OnDrilldown triggers the properties basically get ignored. It doesn’t matter if you only have a comment in the trigger. Any text in those triggers = ignore properties.

Thanks for you repla.

I know this,But now our logic can not be written in the property tablefilter, I must write it onlookup trigger,Now my logic has been finished,But the multiply columns list as the default has disappeared. Who can tell me how to write code to let them appear? thanks in advance.

If I write code on the trigger onlookup, The dropdown by default never appear it again,At this moment , we just can use to open a page (we need let this page can be editable)