How to make a customer price group pricelist based on unit cost?

Dear Firend,

We have a couple of customers with a contract stating that they should pay our cost + 40%. How do I make a customer price group pricelist based on our costprice with and adjustment factor of 1,4?

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Hej Frederik,

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Navision doesn’t have this as standard functionality on the item pricing. But it wouldn’t be too difficult to do, if you base it on the existing Suggest Item Price on Wksh. (7051) report. Just replace where it says Item.“Unit Price” with Item.“Last Direct Cost” and save it as a new report.

PS: When you ask questions here, always remember to write which version your question is about.

Dear Erik,

Thanks for the warm welcome and the suggested solution.

I am pretty new to NAV so please bear with me for my limited understanding.

We do run a NAV 2009 R2 and I have navigated to your suggested wksh report. However, I do not see the field where I can select Item.“Unit Price” or Item.“Last Direct Cost”… All I have is “Sales Type”, “Sales Code”, “Unit of Measure Code”, “Currency Code”, “Starting Date”, “Ending Date”, “Only Amounts Above”, “Adjusting Factor” and “Rounding Method”… In order to find your suggested fields I have to open the Report “Adjust Item Cost/Prices”, however I can not figure out how to use this report to generate something useful.

Can you please explain or elaborate a little more on your suggested solution?

Thank you for your help - highly appreciated :slight_smile:


Hej Frederik,

Yes you don’t see that field, because it’s not there now. What I suggested was that you made a copy of the above report, and in this report copy replaced the field with the “Last Direct Cost” field.Then after you have done this change, then you’ll have to insert it into the forms menu-button or page actions (depending on if you use the classic or rtc client).