How to make a customer inactive in AX 2012

Hi All,

We need to make some customer inactive in Customer’s list. but we dont want them to be deleted, just make them inactive, we are using ax 2012


Hi Genovia,

please take a look into the second tabpage (general). There is a field
called “stopped”. With this field you can set the kind of blocking that
applies to the selected customer account:

Please also take a look at:

Hi Genovia

We have the same answer with Rajkumar.heheh Hope it really solve your issue.


Thanks Rajkumar Verma and Bhing of cebu.

To both of you, is AX 2012 india the same as released in philippines?

I tried it but i cannot find a stopped field in all tabs. Wish I can paste a print screen here

it is called “Invoicing and Delivery on Hold” and it is on the “Credit and Collections” fast tab. Set it to All.

Thank you all, I was able to set customer on hold.

Hi All - in addition, is there a way to find out when a customer was inactivated (put on hold) and re-activated?

No not as standard.

Thanks for clarifying that.

Hi Adam,

I was thinking, “Logging Database Changes” for “Customers - Blocked” wouldn’t do the trick?

I haven’t tried this functionality, yet.


That would give you a single change, the last edit of the field. However if you need to capture the date of put on hold and removed you would also want more functionality around this, user doing it, notes on why etc. Therefore in my opinion it does not do it. If however you want a last modified date the database logging would handle this.

Adam, thanks for the answer.