How to load a new record on an open form

Hi Here’s a little simple problem: I have a Form (running on table XXXXX) currently showing record 1 - when pushing a button, I want to change the record on the Form to record 2??? I don’t want to close the form, it should work the same way as typing ‘ENTER’ on a LookUpForm. Jens

If I understand you properly, you just need to issue the NEXT; command.


In the OnPush trigger of the button, write the following code: NEXT; Anyway, I really don’t think I understand what you want to do. Can you try to explain it again, please?

Hi Nelson Ok, maybe I wasn’t that clear of what I wanner do[:(!] I’m standing on a certain record ‘A’ - I have a function which gives me another record (don’t have to be the NEXT record) ‘B’, and I want to dsiplay the record ‘B’ instead of ‘A’ (and I don’t want to open a new form!).

HI Jens. Assuming you already have found record B, you could try something like: Rec := RecB; FIND; currFORM.UPDATE;