How to link Sales responsible to Sales unit in creating Sales order

Dear All,

Sales and marketing > Common > Sales orders > All sales order

Creating new order

  1. Selecting “Sales responsible” - for ex. “Void”

Then manually selecting department of Void. In this case it is “AD 2”

How to do it automatically? When I choose Void in Sales responsible then in Sales unit it should be by default AD 2.

How to automotize it?

Either use record templates, if you’re talking about a single or a few cases, or develop a customization, if you need more complex logic.

Dear Martin,

I have a 60 users and 4 groups that includes 40 departments . So, I’d like to connect each person to his department. Can you give me any idea how to do it? I’m a new starter in AX. If my question is wrong, sorry.
Thanks in advance!

You can assign workers to sales units in Sales and marketing > Setup > Sales management > Sales unit/team.

Nevertheless to get the unit initialized from the selected sales responsible person when creating sales orders, you have to add such logic in code, because AX doesn’t do that by default. Therefore you need a developer.