How to know the no of concurrent users viewing the licnese

Hello forum

Could u plz tell me how to know the no of concurrent users by viewing the license.



Granule ID 1200 and following contains the number of sessions licensed.

But as there have been so many changes to the structure of licensing users, there are quite some more.

The easiest is to check the number of licensed sessions and sub the licensed NAS sessions.

That should give you the correct number.

Wait, you want the number of users currently viewing the license? As in Tools → License Information??

I don’t think you can do that in Navision.

Why can’t you simply go to Database → License Information → Sessions Tab → Current Sessions field?

[H] I was just about to write the exact same thing.


want to know some additional information :—

  1. When I see the license information through option “Tools–>License Information”, the system shows “5”

  2. When I check through the option "File–>Database–>information–>Sessions, it shows “Licensed Sessions as 6”.

We are able to work with only 5 sessions at a time.

Please guide

Yeap, because one user is reserved to be used by “Navision Application Server”.

The license knows two different types of users:

  • Sessions (Any)
  • Sessions (NAS)

In your case you have 5 + 1 which suums up to 6 in the “Licensed Session” field.