How to know pending invoices


I created Purchase order with one only item, qty = 100. i received this item 5 times each time qty = 20.

That means i posted 5 Puchsse receipts in My Navision.

But i want know did i create the Invoices against the Purchse order?

How to know what are pending invoices against each order ?

How to know what are pending invoices against each Receipt?

Please clarify my doubts.



You can create only one invoice or even multiple invoices (partial invoicing) for this case. The purchase “order No.” for all these five Posted Purchase Receipts is same. To check what are pending(to be invoiced), check the “Qty. to Invoice” field, and for checking how many quantities have been invoiced, check “Quantity Invoiced” field.

Hope this helps.


I think report 10540 Stock Received not Invoiced is what you are looking for.

According to object N# report 10540 is from localized version - which country has 10xxxx numbers?

Hi Modris,

This is from the GB / IE version

What about the Cash Requirement report. 10088.

Thanks To every body,

My environment is 4.0 SP3.

I am working On Indian Localization, we don’t have that report.

So could u upload that report in down load section which available in your localization.?

Or at least could u give the Report format.

Thanks and regards

Thanks Dave T,

In which country localization I can get the report think report 10540 Stock Received not Invoiced is what I am looking for.

Please let me know .


This is from the GB / IE version

Thanks ,

That means which country localization ?

Please let me know the country name.

He just did. GB stands for Great Britain


… and also IE stands for Ireland


If I down load the databse of United Kingdom, can I get the report.?

Please let me know. Or please upload that report atleast.

I look forward for your answer

I’m afraid you would also need a GB/IE license.

Actually most of the reports are able to run just fine, as long as they would receive a new object number in a range which you have the permissions to.

But you would be breaking the NAV license permissions, by doing that.

The right way to do this, is that you actually need to buy a new GB/IE license (just with one user) with permissions to run the report. Then you’re allowed to renumber the object, without breaking the NAV license rules.

Thanks Mr . Erik, I will do that as you said . Of course here i need to tell one thing . It is Microsoft product . Just i want to know the report format and Logic . so i can write report my self with client requirement . Is it correct ? let me know .

Hi Erik,

as Lally said i could not understand what is the wrong to have the other country report for just vieweing purpose .

is it not the proper way.

In many countries the local Microsoft and before that the local Navision offices has put a lot of effort into localizing the Navision to the local markets. A lot of hours spend on programming especially reports and other legal requirements. Binding it to the local license (eg. UK/IE, US, IN etc.) was their only way to get back the money on this investment. The method as I described above, to be allowed to run these local modifications, is to buy a copy of this license and the rename the objects.

When that is said, then I don’t think that this policy is good for the customers. Microsoft has created so many great reports in the local versions, which are not known to users in other countries. I think they should give access to these reports to all their customers. But I also know why Microsoft doesn’t want to do this. Every time they add a new report to the W1 (world wide) version, then they are also accepting to take over the responsibility of supporting this report, to upgrade it and translate it to all other languages. So the cost would actually be quite big for just one extra report.

But it would be great if they said “use the local reports” under a “AS-IS” with no support, unless you have the local license.

Today this is not how it is, so you should discuss this with your Microsoft office.