How to invoke NAS from external application?

Hello, I want to make NAS print out a sales order report from an external program - an ASP web page. How can I do this? I was told that using XML can help. Could someone help me find a feasible way of invoking the NAS? Thanks in Advance

I believe that you need a license to the Navision Application Server. This component allows the developer to launch procedures inside Navision from outside the application. Take a look at the w1w1atas.pdf documentation on the Navision v4.0 CD Disk1. If anyone has any examples of how to integrate this piece of Navision middle-ware into an external application I’d sure love to see them.

After looking a little further I found the following link when I searched the Developer Forum for the exact phrase “application server”. Thanks to Robert Cinkaid! Documentation on NAS is either slim or none. [:I]

And once again, the Portuguese save the day! [Yeah!] [8D] [:D] [:p]


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