How to invoice/post Sale order in multiple companies.

Hi everyone,

Pls clarify, can we do any salesorder/purchase order invoice/posting from one company to another company…? like assume i have created a SO in company A and i want the same SO has to post in different company say company B and vise versa… is it possible and any set up’s for to do this?




Have you looked at ‘intercompany’ functionality yet?


he is asking that is it possible to create sales order conformation in one company

and packing slip,invoice in multiful companies for the same sales order

ex:-ABC there companies is there,sales order conformation done in A company then it is possible to do packing slip,invoice in B or C company for the same sales order which is created in A company.




There is no standard functionality in DAX for this requirement. Hence my suggestion for ‘intercompany’ functionality which you can then extend or customize for your requirements. This functionality may be implemented in two flavours - virtual company or use in combination with AIF.

To get an idea, search online for a white paper titled ‘setting up intercompany for intracompany direct delivery’.

Hi Manjunadh,

I also agree with Harish Mohanbabu.

In Dynamics AX when you will create a sales order in one company it will be available only in that company and hence you can do postings for the sales order only in that company. If you change your company the created sales order will not be available in the changed company sales orders so you cannot do any postings for the sales orders created in the previous company.

You have to use the concept of Virtual company if you want to share common data among multiple companies.



What makes you to do that?

Posting the same sales invoice in different legal entities doesn’t make any sense…

Thanks harish and Shankar for giving a valuable suggestions…