How to invoice from packing Slip


I’m new in this forum. I’ve seen a very good answers here.

Please I need your help. I have to invoice a packing slip, but this packing slip was generated from many purch orders lines, from different puch orders.

How can I do that using x++?


Sergio Sepúlveda M.
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Hi there, did you try the standard functionality in ax2009? you can setup summary invoiced by setting the parameter in accounts payable to invoice account and on the suppliersform, button setup–summary update, mark invoice. Be aware however, there is a bug. When you invoice partial diliveries, it might be that the total cost of the related inventtrans is devided over the partial deliverd quantity. This will messup your costprice…

Thanks barttromp, but I did it from standard functionality without problems.
My problem is create an invoice from packing slip. Remember that, Packing slip has lines from different purchase orders.


Sergio Sepúlveda Montealegre

I have many packing slip, I want to invoice from their lines. Can I do that using x++?

I know that I have to use PurchParmLine and PurchParmTable, but I don’t know if is neccesary use update method of PurchFormLetter.


Sergio Sepúlveda M.

“Can I do that using x++?”

The answer is - yes, you can ! HOWEVER, this isn’t a soluhtion which can be described in two sentences… could take up to a whole day to develop this.

To post the invoice you will need the information and you already have it all in CustPackingSlipJour table and CustPackingSlipTrans. Those tables contain the original reference to the Sales Orders which they come from, but if for some reason you have already deleted them, you can recreate and post those sales order(-s) in X++.

Take a look this example:

Read data from your CustPackingSlipJour table and CustPackingSlipTrans tables and post the result.


Thanks for your answer, Can I show you my code?


Sergio Sepúlveda Montealegre

Well, you can paste some code here if it makes any sense.

However, as I said, this is a complex solution, it could take up to whole day for me to make this, so don’t expect any ready solutions here.

I’d created the invoice creating PurchParmTable, PurchParmUpdate, PurchParmLine and calling

The link proposed for you was fine, but only for calling construct.

Thanks a lot!

Dear ,

Greetings, please tell me How did you do that using X++ ? i face the same issue please send to me ASAP,Regards.