how to insert LOT auto after insert ITEM in item jurnal .

how to insert LOT auto after insert ITEM or import file intro the item jurnal .

just validate the LOT NO at the time of importing the item journal line… along with your data… item tracking lines are automatically created.


how to validate lot on?, i find LOT NO. in "Item Journal " table cannot see field name this.and for the "Positive adj. " how to insert lot no auto?

thank advance ,sory my english no good.

You need to set no series for lot no to be auto generate on Item Card for given item.

Then if you are writing a program to upload the data via dataport/xmlport then you just need to validate that field so it will pickup the number from specified no series.

If user is going to generate the lot no then user need to click on Line->Item tracking lines --Click on Functions–> Assign lot no

It will assign lot no to that entry.

During transfer /sale user need to select the available lot by going through above channel.