how to insert data from web service into dynamics nav

hello all,

i want get data from web tracking (status) insert into NAV , i have API key for connection but i not know about used JSON and REST in NAV for get data

Please help me

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Because you didn’t provide ANY information at all… all we can do is give you this link (which took 2 seconds to google).…/web-services

So If you want more help then allways remember to include more information!!!

  1. What version of NAV?

2 What build No.?

  1. What table(s) do you want to integrate with

  2. is it behind a firewall?

  1. What version of NAV?
  • NAV 2017

2 What build No.?


  1. What table(s) do you want to integrate with

Sales Shipment Header , i will add field Status

  1. is it behind a firewall?


Start with the link that you got above - it will give you the necessary information. These are the steps though:

  1. Create a New Page containing the necessary fields (The primary key, the fields that you want to see and or Update. - Make sure that the page is editable - Delete Allowed No, Insert Allowed No.

  2. Publish the page in web-services

  3. Use the link that is being generated

If you have to use the webservice from “outside” then you have to open your firewall to allow access, and you ABSOLUTE MUST create a proxyserver with userid and password.

If you don’t know why and how, then find someone with the necessary skills.

i want data form web

Ohh, see - you did not provide any information - and now its not FROM Dynamics NAV but TO !!!

Take a look at:

Besides from that: why use Does the shipment company not have their own api? (It site you are linking to is not cheap).

yes,company not have their own api . used web tracking service , because tracking no. be logistics providers

That should not be to hard to do - It will probaly take a day or so to code.

Have fun :slight_smile:

If you ask an experienced NAV developer to do it! If you have no or limited previous NAV development experienced, then expect it to take 2-3 weeks…

Well I would not say that this is a task for a non experienced developer - but yes, at least a week or two would a junior developer spend on the job - but only because the example provided above gives a pretty good hint on how to code it.

I not understand example. please help me create code pull data from AfterShip ?

In short NO… The Example works perfectly, and it can directly be changed into Aftership if you understand the code.

If you where a customer I would charge you around 2500-3000 EUR for creating the code, and spend a day or two on it.

So you either have to decline the task from your customer, or get a more experienced colleague at your office to help you.

Besides, you have not spent many hours with the example before you wrote “I not understand example”. Erik wrote that a non-experienced user would probably spend 2-3 weeks…You should start spending that time and don’t give up.

If the customer don’t want to pay that much. Find someone among your colleagues that can do it faster.

Thanks for the good advice.