How to indicate the number of Sales Order invoice in the report

Hi all,

I have a question where i already created a new report to show the number of sales order invoices and the amount,

but the issues is that i able to total up the amount quantity of each Sales Order invoice but only i cannot able to do it how to

indicate the number of Sales Order invoice .

For example

Sales Order Quantity

SO-xx-xxxxx 20

SO-yy-yyyy 15

2 35

I was able to do the total for quantity but for sales order , i cannot able to do it…

Any way help me and advise how to do it…


Declare a global integer variable in the report(class declaration). And increment it when ever you are executing body/programmable section. Display it according to your requirement.

Hi kranthi,

Can you verify more on that information. because i still don’t know how to make it…

can you guide me…



Hi there,

Any want can help me…

Please i need the guide to do so…



Declare a variable in Class declaration of the report like - int noOfSo;

Override the execute section method of the body if you are using a body to print the sales order and increment the integer - noOfSo++;

Then print that int variable in footer/programmable section(according to your report design) by adding display method.

Thanks for the guide