How to inactivate/block Item varaint from any transition in BC?


I’m using BC15.

I want to inactivate only few item varaints but not full item from transaction.

Any idea how to do it? How many tables and codeunits that needs to be modified?

Thanks in advance.

Could you please explain exactly what you’re trying to do? Do you need to “Block” specific item variants?

On montly basis we get new catalog from vendor. The item variants that are not part of present catalog has to blocked from transaction.

For example a shirt with size 32, 34, 36. In the new catalog for this shirt only size 32 and 36 is available and size 34 is not delivered any more. So we need to prevent this variant size 34 from any transaction.

In BC I found only way to block complete item but no way to block single Item Variant.