How to improve the performance?

The forms run too lowly in 3-tiers, how to improve it? who could tell me the answer for the problem? thanks.

Hi, What is the latency btw you 3-tier clients and AOS? How to check it: To open the system monitoring form dblClick the activity icon in the lower right corner of the client. Go to the 2’nd tab-page and press Test-button You get three values, min, max, average. Good values are under 30 ms, bad values are over 50 ms br,

Ok, Thanks for K.K.'s reply. Suppose there are four options for this problem as follows: a. Client overload, add client memory. b. Server overload, add server memory. c. Network is too slow, change new better network card. d. Forms is running on the client. So let forms run on the server. then which one is the best select for the problem?

Hi, This is look like a question of Ax Development Exam. The answer is: move the form to server.