How to import Sales Orders

Hi All, I need to import around 1000 sales order into Axapta.I didnot find the suitable way. However I tried SalesTable data via Excel template seperately and SalesLine data via CSV file alongwith created InventDimId and InventTransId before entering inserting into salesline. IInd way I explored is to use standard excel function fill the data of all three tables i.e. SalesTable, SalesLine, InventDim in a single file, but by this approach I could not find how to fill InventDimId and InventTransId in saleslines and I found approach of importing data is very slow. Pls pioneer me the suitable approach as soon as possible. Thanks, RK

Hi Rahul, If you can drop your email address I can send you a job for importing orders - both SO as well as PO. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi Harish, My mail id is Email: pls drop me the job.Thanks in advance! Regards, Rahul

Hi Harish, My mail id is Email: pls drop me the job.Thanks in advance! Regards, Rahul

Hi Rahul, It is done ! Cheers, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi Harish, Can you pls send me again I did not received at same id i.e. Thank in advance !

Hello Harish,

I was following your thread on the forum. I am a Dynamics AX newbie. I have received some training and have done my first integration into the GL I am now set with the task of integrating sales orders, etc… with AX. I noticed that you sent a job to another user. Is it possible to send it to me too to use as a Reference.


Humberto Herrera

This may help you

Thank you very much Kranthi.

Do you know of a reference to InventSiteId and InventLocationId?

I am still learning the structure (database model) of AX.


Sorry - Can you explain that?

Sorry Kranthi,

I am trying to understand the relationship and process flow of data from the InventTable, InventDim, InvetBatch tables.

I understand now the site and location tables but we as a company we do not utilize them.

To my understanding the tables:

InventTable - are the inventory items

InvetBatch - is a relationship between batch id (tracking number) and an item

InvetDim - So how is this table relating

I am still trying to figure the process but I think it’s because of lack of understanding in the relationship or maybe I am missing more tables to fully understand it.

Any help or reference would be appreciated.


Invent Dim - will have all the InventDimId’s.

The system will create InventDimId for every combination of the Inventory and Storage Dimensions.


Can you send me the jobs to do these two imports?



Hi David

These scripts would be 6 years old now, unless you are on version 3 they would not work.


I have a consultant that is totally stuck doing this exact same task you helped Rahul out with. Do you think you could send the same update jobs you sent?

Here I could even get one of our developers to run this if needed… We basically have been trying to do this with standard AX2009 import templates using SalesTable, SalesLine, and InventTran tables in the import. Everything works but it does not update the sales lines as “Invoiced”.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated…


Hi Rahul,

I’m working with AX 4.0, can you please email me the process you took or code for importing multiple sales orders…when you get a chance.



Hope it wil help you


Could you help me with this code to import sales orders and purchase orders from excel. Also would this help in AX 2012. Do u have a standard AX file that you can import from…

Hi please help me with this code. My email id is

Please provide the sample file you would use for import through Code. Is this for AX 2012.

Well as the post was in 2005…[:D]

Use DMF to achieve this.