How to import multiple files at a time

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I need to import multiple text files into my custom table at a time.every thing working fine but the dataport inerts only records of last file.for example if i have 4 files[File1,File2,File3,File4] the data port inserts onthe records of File4.can any one help me.Also please reffer the properties of data item

6562.DataPort Properties.bmp (183 KB)


Jerome Marshal.J

If I can aviod dataport, I would rather use a report for import (and export), using FILE-datatype and perhaps FILE-function.

And using this method there is no problem in accessing several files in one batch.

Thanks Anfinnur

I have resolved my problem.the problem is i was used CurrDataport.FILENAME i declared the dataport as variable and run the dataport from a form now its working properly.

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Jerome Marshal