How to Import .fob file from command prompt or installation program?

Hi All,

I have a set of NAV objects created/modified as per my user requirement and stored in a .fob file.

I want to know if it is possible to import this file in NAV db. say via command prompt or by writing an installation program.

The reason to know this is that currently i provide my integration with NAV to user in the form of a .fob file and i let user to import it using File | Import from within NAV IDE. I think if somehow this can be automated.

Any suggestion /idea is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

As far as I know, this is not possible. But perhaps someone out there knows something…

I usually send mods to customers in fob-files together with a standard-document explaining how and what to do. And after import it is smart to compile - at least the new and modified objects.

The only way I could imagine to perform this, is using a VB or Java script; here using the “Windows Script Host” fireing the required keystrokes with the “SendKey” method: Open Client, Log On to Server, OPen Object Designer, Trigger Import, Select FOB-File, Process Import Worksheet, Confirm Import, Close.

I guess this will be tricky business …

It is possible through the interfaces that NAV exposes via Running Object Table. It is the same functionality that eg. Developers Toolkit uses to transfer the objects to and from. Well it does not work with .fob files, but .txt.

Of course you could always do a mod to export/import the BLOB values directly to/from the object table, but this will require extra objects, and also the user would need access and know-how.

For this other solution with ROT, you can actually create a standalone .exe that will install your objects. I have a short blog entry about it here, introducing it