How to Import Financial Dimensions to Fixed Asset

Hi all,

I want to import financial dimensions to fixed assets. I tried both the ways - DMF & Excel Add-In. but failed.

When i tried to import through DMF i found there is no DefaultDimension field in Staging which can be mapped to Target.

And when i tried to update the financial dimension through Excel Add-in am getting the following error.

"This status cannot be updated by the user.

Error found when validating record.

If you clear this checkbox, catch-up depreciation adjustments will not be created when adjustments to the net book value for the asset are posted.

Update has been canceled."

Please suggest me how can i import financial dimensions to fixed assets.



This is probably not the best solution - there is probably some way to customize the DIXF to do whatever is needed, but I don’t know how.

What I did was create my own staging table (ABCStaging_FA) in AX and use SSIS to do the ETL from the legacy system into my staging table. I then wrote custom X++ code to process the records in the staging table in order to insert or update the assets in AX.

At the bottom is the simple staging-table-processing code. The involved code is that which validats and inserts the records: that’s really long so I won’t include it here.

My staging table has an ImportStatus field. If I pass in false for _doInsertsAndUpdates then code does not insert into AX asset tables: instead, the code performs only all the validation. If there is an error, the code-specified error text is returned and used for ImportStatus. If there is no error, then “Valid” is returned and used for ImportStatus. If true is passed for _doInsertsAndUpdates, then for valid records either “Insert” or “Update” is returned and used for ImportStatus. This way, I can run SSMS queries against ImportStatus and see exactly what validation errors there are.

Note that we had 20,000+ fixed assets, and the custom process is far far faster that importing from Excel.

public void ProcessStagingTable(boolean _doInsertsAndUpdates)
ABCStaging_FA abcStaging_FA;
container row;

while select forUpdate * FROM abcSaging_FA
row = buf2con(aaaStaging_FA);

aaaStaging_FA.ImportStatus = this.ProcessStagingRecord(row, _doInsertsAndUpdates);


throw error(‘Processing of staging table ABCStaging_FA failed.’);
info(‘Staging-table processing complete.’);