How to import financial dimensions of PO through DMF

I have a financial dimensions, let say XXX & YYY, and I have the excel file with same fields (XXX & YYY).

I understand that PO financial dimensions comes fom vendor master but here my requirement is that financial dimensions XXX & YYY available in excel as columns and I need to import it into D365 F&O and update PO financial dimensions

Please suggest

Are you familiar with Add dimensions to Excel templates?

Hi Martin, I have gone through the link suggested.

My requirement is that I have an excel file which is received from third party and it contains fields for PO header and Line.

Now when to comes to the financial dimensions of PO, we have DEFAULTLEDGERDIMENSIONDISPLAYVALUE but when we export or import the value for this field is not getting updated under PO header.

And in Excel I have the separate columns & values for financial dimensions(eg: financial dimension is BusinessUnit and value is 1232 &&& Costcenter and Value is abcd ) .

How can I send those two columns as financial dimension for PO header
any other way to import values to column DEFAULTLEDGERDIMENSIONDISPLAYVALUE of PO header?

You need to make sure the “financial dimension configuration for integrating applications” form is setup properly. Add the dimensions that you want to update to a “Default dimension format”. The “Ledger dimension format” is important if you’re trying update journal lines.

Hello Jacob

Thanks for reply, could you assist with more info or any doc related this setup of financial dimension configuration for integrating applications?

My requirement is simple I have excel with PO header and other two financial dimension columns , I could not find way to import PO header with financial dimensions.

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Additionally, make sure that the dimension is active - it won’t be selectable if the dimension isn’t active.