How to implement LIKE filter?

Hi, I want to filter the “Distinguished Name” column of the WindowsObject table. My goal is to filter on domain name. The values in the column look like this: OU=organizational unit,DC=domain name,DC=se I’ve tried many variants of the following code: recWindowsObject.SETFILTER(“Distinguished Name”, ‘%1’, ‘* Domainname *’); It just won’t work! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The only value that matches your filter is ‘* Domainname *’, literally. What you want to do is: {Record}.SETFILTER({FieldName}, ‘Domainname’);

Thank you! Is it possible to make the filtering case insensitive as well?

hi recWindowsObject.SETFILTER(“Distinguished Name”,’%1’, ‘* Domainname *’); Your Syntax is correct, what is troubling you is the space ie blank character you have used the filter string, use ‘Domainname’ and see the difference. WR Hari

Try ‘@Domainname’ for case insensitive.