How to hide batch job history for jobs with no log?

Is there a way to prevent my batch job from showing in the history if there was no log? I have a job running every 3 minutes and it uses a query object…if the query object returns no results, it still shows up in the history.

It is difficult to see the information I really want.

Have you tried to change the “Save batch job to history” field of the batch job?

Perhaps the value “Error only” will help you.

If not, I guess you can write some custom code inside the serverProcessFinishedJobs method of the BatchRun class.

That is where batch jobs are inserted into the history table.


This is good info. From this I was able to see that there really is no way to do it without adding a decent amount of custom code. For those curious, the log is stored in a container called “Info”. If I try to change the where clause that inserts the history records to only insert records that have a “log”, AX doesn’t let you put containers in where clauses, so I would have to have some sort of flag that gets flipped, etc.