How to hide a textbox in some pages using RTC with Visual Studio?

Hello experts,

I hope to solve this problem with your help.

I’ve done a report for the sales invoice. I’ve created a table in that report and to let print more than one sales invoice together, i did a group for table details (grouped by sales invoice number) and so i have a group header and a group footer.

In the group footer I put the total value as the total invoice taxable, the total Vat and so on.

Now I need to print the textbox where are the total, only in the last page, but in the other pages I want to print the fields without the amount.

I tried to use the function RowNumber, so that if the number of row already printed is not the total of sales invoice’s row, it should not print the amount. But I’ve observed that the footer is in someway printed after all the lines, as we can see in the preview.

How could i do?

Thanks in advance.