How to handle the orphan record in InventTrans?

User cancelled a PO line , but something went wrong and it created Issue=On Order , with negative Quantity in inventrans table.
User claims, he first 0 the quantity on PO line , then click on update line- delivery reminder- and clicked on Cancelled quantity. But that does not explain how it can create a -ve qty record in inventTrans table, and we were not able to recreate the issue.
Later user deleted the PO line itself. After deleting the line, the inventtrans still shows -ve QTY , with issue ‘On Order’ , reference to same PO number. That suggest that somehow this record is now Orphan

I understand, we should not delete records from inventrans and inventsum tables , But in this case what other options do we have?

Screen shot of inventtrans trans.

Try by running the consistency check on inventory transactions. (may be TEST first).

Thanks Kranthi. I am not able to recreate same scenario in test. But this is very good idea. I will run when next time our test system is refreshed from prod and still have this orphan record.

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I’ve suggest that don’t do it on your prod server, because you don’t know what will happen. It is better to recreate same scenario than pursue run to your prod server.