How to handle internal system devices and tools on inventory ?

I need to use dynamic Navision ERP system on internal system to register internal devices


computers and laptop and pens and notes sugar and tea

so i will make invoiced purchase order for laptop and pens and notes sugar and tea

this tools and device will using by employee

so How to to handle that on inventory

meaning when employee consuming one kilo sugar

what process will done on inventory when make consume to any tool

so how handle that on inventory

I’m going to start by saying computers/laptops and other tools used by employees are not inventory. They are Fixed Assets. In terms of the other items such as pens, notes, sugar, tea I’d lean toward simply expensing these. They don’t belong as part of your inventory value. if you do need to track their quantity perhaps a zero-value item could be used. Those that work more on the consulting side may be able to expand on this or have other ideas. Just in my experience, none of this is truly inventory from an accounting perspective.

thank you for reply

i need to know what every employee consume as laptop and pc and pens notes

and register quantity i purchase before consume to lapetop,pc,pen etc

so what i do

and what you mean by zero-value item could be used

can you please clear that for me please

My advice is to step back and rethink what you are trying (and more important need to) accomplish. My concern is you are heading down a rabbit hole that will result in a overly complex system with little to no actual benefits.

Employees do not consume laptops (or other Fixed Assets). They use them. Perhaps you do need to track who has possession of each device. I’d think the “Responsible Employee” field on the Fixed Asset could be used for that. Perhaps set Change Log to track changes to that field.

I’ve been doing this for many years and have worked with many different size clients. I have never once encountered any that track office supplies at the level you want to. Is the added overhead really justified? Will you have the needed process controls in place to control this?

What I meant by “Zero-value” item was an item that does not post and values to inventory or COGS. One way is using a zero standard cost. The consultants out there may have some better ideas in this area. Bu the basic idea is these items don’t get tracked as inventory value or hit COGS when consumed.


I have to concur with bbrow5962 that the office supplies you are talking about are both Fixed Assets and general expensed supplies. I would step back and talk to your Accountant as to why you need to do this. You can record the Employee who has the Fixed Asset and when someone purchases Office Supplies you can record a Department Dimension or a Dimension by Employee Name.