How to handle Detailed Cust. Ledger Entries while

Some fields(like amount, Original Amount e.t.c) in the Customer Ledger Entry are flowfields which are populated with the help of Customer Detailed Ledger Entry in Navison-360. Where as in NF-260 there is no concept of Detailed Ledger Entry. I am not able to import the data from my customized-260 version in 360 as all the amount and due to the flowfields present in the new version. This problem will come in Vendor Ledger Entry too. What is the best way to handle this situation, Do i have to create the Detailed Ledger Entreis manually and enter 0 in all the amount fields while restoring the data. WR Hari

why would you import this infomation from 2.6 to 3.6? I would suggest following the upgrade procedure which creates the correct detailed Cust Ledger Entries for you.