How to handle Certificate of analysis at customs?

Hi ,

how do we handle this scenario: Need the ability to indicate, by type of product, whether 1 or more certificate (s) are required to cross at customs.

looks like there is a custom to be done here.



TMS has elements like the commercial invoice, or the certificate of origin

There are localisations as well, for example EU entry certificates

Then you could consider designing electronic reporting elements to produce what you need.

You maybe referencing an analysis that a product has passed a certain test, therefore you would use quality and print a certificate of analysis off and send this.

You could also look at the regulated product setup, add an item to this list and assign safety data sheet to it, print the certificate of compliance off with the documentation for the set items.

The brief is broad, and therefore the answer is :slight_smile:

Great!! Give me some ideas on how to start. I will try those options. Thanks again Adam :slight_smile: