how to get unique records from a table

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I would like to know how do we extract unique records from a table. For eg. in Sales Inv Header table there are many rows for each customer number. I would like to get rows with unique customer number. Thanks in advance

What about:

SalesInvHeader: Rec112;
YourUniqueCustomerNo: Code20

SalesInvHeader.setcurrentkey(Sell-to Customer No.,No.);
SalesInvHeader.setrange(Sell-to Customer No., YourUniqueCustomerNo);
if SalesInvHeader.find(’-’) then repeat
// possible records SalesInvHeader have your information
until = 0;

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Hi NaviKiller!

Well, I’m not sure about what you are looking for …

The uniqueness of a record is definded by the Primary Key, so in case the of the “Sales Invoice Header” table it is “No.”.

I guess you want to filter the records, to get only those of a specific Customer displayed (or something). In this case you could filter on the “Sell-to Customer No.” or the “Bill-to Customer No.” by the relevant “No.” of the Customer. This could be done by using SETRANGE or SETFILTER, or setting the properties TableView, RunFormLink etc., depending on your demands.

I hope this helps a little …

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The way I do this is pretty easy.

I create a new flow field in the Sales Header Table (T36) the flow field is a COUNT of record 36. FIltered by Sell-to customer number.

Then just display this on the list form, and filter on this field of 1 or >1 depending on what you want. This is quick simple and easy. And you can do it witht he basic designers, no code needed.

Yet another idea. If you are wishing to extract unique customer no from the sales Invoice headers, just create a temporary Customer record variable and run through Sales Invoice Headers inserting the customer no. into the temporary customer record. At the end you will have a temporary list of (perhaps) what you were looking for. You can display this temp record in a list or something.