How to get the vendor bank accountnum in to new field in Vend table


I want to assign all the vendor bank account number to newly created field in vend table.please suggest me.

VendBankAccount will hold the data of vendor bank accounts. You can related it to vendTable by using vendAccount.

What does that men?

I have created new field in vend table like a “VendBankAccountnum”.vendor bank account number is stored in “VendBankAccount” table(VendBankAccount.AccountNum).I want VendBankAccount.AccountNum to the newly created field in “VendBankAccountnum” in vendtable.

When do you want to update it?

There can be multiple accounts for a vendor. Which one do you want to update?

We have only one bankaccount for particular vendor, so I want to set “VendBankAccount.AccountNum” to “VendBankAccountnum” of the “VendTable” in “VendTableListPage” form grid.

You haven’t set when do you want to update it? (or) which user actions should update it?

I am not doing any action

just open the VendtableListPage form

Try updating the vendTable.VendBankAccountnum value when you create a new vendor bank account(vendBankAccount.insert()) and for the existing vendors bank accounts you should write a job and update them.

That would impact performance. You don’t have to update it everytime.

Try having your code in insert and update of BankAccountTable.

I just write job and updated to the “VendBankAccountnum” field.Can you suggest to do it in “BankAccountTable”.

when this table “BankAccountTable” insert and update method will be called.

Insert - a new bank account is created for that vendor.
Update - an existing bank account is updated.
But we already have the bank account information on vendor (in Payment tab → VendTable.BankAccount). Why are you again adding a new field?

In front end want to display the account number.In payment tab account number is come from “VendBankAccount.AccountNum” that why i created they new field for “VendBankAccountNum” in “VendTable”.

They you may have to update it when the bank account (VendTable.BankAccount) is modified.