How to Get the values from textbox and make a calculater in Ax 2009

I have the textbox from that i want to gt the input and process it in Methods and i need to print that value again in anoher text box

how can i achieve this???


To get Value from TextBox use textboxname.text() or textboxname.valuestr() ;


str s1;

your textbox value is “Exmple”

then by assigning





you will get textbox value in variable .

Hello Manimaranvasan,

Go to the properties of the textbox and make auto declaration property to **yes.**Let say we have 2 textboxes - textBox1 and textBox2 make the autodeclaration property to Yes.Once you enter the value in the textbox1, the values can be taken by using the code as textbox1.valuestr() - if the textbox1 is of type - string edit. Once you get this value you can use and then assign that value back to textbox2 as textbox2.valuestr(s) [ s = textbox1.valuestr() ].

Thank You Vinoth Its Usefull For me

Thank You Naresh Its usefull For me